Reading List 9/14/2010

September 14th, 2010 by Linda Diep Leave a reply

Happy Tuesday readers! We have a brand new list of reads for your reading pleasure. Today were reading about new findings in schistosomiasis research coming out of Brazil, a new finding in trachoma research, an announcement from Merck committing to continued development of drugs for infectious diseases, discussion of the role of fortified foods in tackling world hunger, and a couple readings on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), whose summit will take place next week in New York City. Enjoy! New schistosomiasis research from University Estadual of Campinas, Pharmacy Choice Macrolide resistance declines, Genevra Pittman, Reuters Merck Highlights Ongoing Commitment to Developing Drugs Targeting Infectious Disease, Merck Saying Nuts to Hunger, Jeffrey Sachs, Jessica Fanzo and Sonia Sachs, The Huffington Post Quasi-Success Story: Maternal and Child Health MDGs, Caitlin Cohen, Human Rights, Straight talk with Rajiv Shah, Elie Dolgin, Nature Medicine 16, 941 (2010) Big Issues Make The Big Screen in Times Square, United Nations Foundation


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