Noteworthy Articles on NTDs this Week


This week, three noteworthy articles on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) appeared in the Guardian and the Washington post. More and more, NTDs are pushing their way into the forefront of global health and development news. These three articles highlight the public and private efforts that are making this possible.

Preventing blindness in South Sudan

A slideshow featured on Monday in the Guardian  captures the Malaria Consortium’s Neglected Tropical Disease Programme trachoma treatment and prevention effors in large areas of South Sudan.  This project was funded by the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID).  The photographer, Jen Warren, depicts a rural community in South Sudan where these diseases are endemic, and the impact trachoma hason people’s daily lives. The slideshow highlights the great efforts put forward to both prevent and treat trachoma.

Global partners in fighting disease

In this Washington Post article, author William Foege discusses the influence the pharmaceutical industry has had on the fight to eliminate NTDs. He provides a brief historical background into the past 15 years of pharmaceutical engagement and treatment donations, giving rise to a new field known as pharmaco-philanthropy.

Putting neglected tropical diseases under spotlight

The Guardian’s Emilie Filou explored how NTDs have progressed on the global health agenda, including improved partnerships hygiene initiatives and the need for further interaction between the two.  She talks about the progress made since the London Declaration, and future plans to engage private donors in country.  Global Network director, Dr. Neeraj Mistry, is quoted in the article discussing the END7 campaign and the benefit of engaging celebrities and the general public in a field that has previously been extremely scientific.


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