More Bookworms, Fewer Intestinal Worms

Globally, more than half a billion children are infected with neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), hindering their development and ability to learn. Parasitic worm infections like whipworm, deprive children of the essential nutrients they need to grow and act like, well, the rambunctious children they’re supposed to be!

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Instead of being able to walk to school, concentrate in class and socialize with friends, they’re suffering from severe anemia, malnutrition, fevers and intestinal pain caused by these often chronic and simultaneous infections.

END7 worked with the ministries of health and education in Honduras to support a program that treated more than 1 million school children.

educationIt costs approximately 50 cents to treat and protect one child against the seven most common NTDs for a year. But that’s not all we need to ensure that this generation’s future politicians, mathematicians, teachers, peace builders and problem solvers get to class.

We need you. With your support, you can help us at the END7 campaign build awareness for these devastating infections and their cross-cutting solutions. By watching this short video and sharing with your friends, you can help so many kids get the education they deserve.

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