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Weekly Blog Round-Up: 2/7-2/11

February 11th, 2011

This Week on End the Neglect…

Monday, February 7th, 2011

We started this week off with an informational reading list focused on poor sanitation and parasitic worms in children, Yemen and their 2015 Millennium Development goals (MDG) deadline efforts, and Global Fund anti-corruption measures. Eliminating Polio

Eliminating polio is a task within our reach. This entry highlights our successes thus far and remaining challenged to overcome.

The Global Fund is working with the U.N to reduce the incidence of fraud in recipient donor countries.  The measures were introduced in the wake of scrutiny over mismanagement of recipient country funds.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Podoconiosis is a neglected tropical disease; a prodromal of lymphatic filriasis, known as elephantiasis. Unfortunately,  it has not been recognized as an NTD though it effects millions of people. To learn more about this unique disease, click on the link above.

We discuss the economic burden of dengue in The Americas and what is being done to alleviate the economic and social strain in poor communities.

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Weekly Blog Round-Up 1/3-1/7

January 7th, 2011

This Week on End the Neglect…

1. We started the week off with a post about the need to have NTDs integrated in elimination efforts for HIV/AIDs. 2. First time guest blogger, Jane Roberts, wrote for us about about her response to an OpEd written by the Sabin Vaccine Institute President, Peter Hotez. 3. We featured brief summaries and links to 3 great articles in Global Health and NTDs this week: Weighing the Consequences: Chinese girls go to great lengths to lose weight, The battle to prevent blindness, and NTD Control and Elimination Scorecard: Thumbs Up for USAID’s NTD Control Program. 4. The Sabin Vaccine Insitute had the 10th anniversary for the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative. 5. Finally, if you are interested in helping to End the Neglect, the Global Network is hiring a Grassroots and Communications intern here in our Washington DC office! (this is a paid position)

Weekly Blog Round Up! 12/20-12-24

December 24th, 2010

This Week on End the Neglect…

1. Sunday was Alyssa Milano’s birthday; we recognized Alyssa and all of her support of NTDs on Monday. 2. Amanda Miller, the Global Networks Asia Program Officer wrote her first blog entries for End the Neglect this week. Her first entry discussed inadequate sanitation in India and her second post will be up tomorrow, titled: Fa la la la la la la la Lymphatic Filariasis! 3. Malaria No More, Managing Director Mark Green, summed up the latest Malaria World Report. 4. Lymphatic Filariasis has been a common topic this week on End the Neglect, our first post highlighted a recent article about the progress of the WHO’s 2020 elimination goal of Lymphatic Filariasis. As well as we featured the footage from the 6th Meeting of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis 5.The Carter Center’s work on the eradication of Guinea Worm was publicized this week, we shared links to a recent international article and CNN video. 6. The UK Department of International Development (DFID) announced a £25 million grant for  Imperial’s Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. 7. We also remembered Dr. Rene Le Berre, who spent his life working to eradicate the world of river blindness. Dr. Le Berre passed away earlier this week. 8. Alanna Shaikh, our weekly guest blogger, wrote about worms in relation to bible history and the holidays.

Weekly Blog Round-Up! 12/6-12/10

December 10th, 2010

This Week on End the Neglect

1. We started the week off with a blog summary of a news article, with commentary from Peter Hotez, about the actual impact and affects of using parasites to treat different medical disorders. 2. On Tuesday, we celebrated Hannukah on End the Neglect and took a look back at last year’s 8 days of NTDs. 3. Our weekly guest blogger, Alanna Shaikh, wrote about the aftermath of the flood in Pakistan and the impact that continues today on the people trying to rebuild their lives there, but who are at risk for many health infections. 4. Advocacy and immunization is on the move in the DR Congo and Cameroon, as reported by program officers for the Sabin Vaccine Institute. The Sabin Vaccine Institute also received €5.9 million from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advance developments of a hookworm vaccine. 5. A House Resolution honored Rotary Club International for 105 years of humanitarian service on Tuesday. 6. We wrapped the week up with a blog posting about International Human Rights Day and NTDs!

Weekly Blog Round-Up! 11/29-12/2

December 3rd, 2010

This week on End the Neglect…

1. Alanna Shaikh our weekly guest blogger wrote for us about the Luanda Declaration and its impact on NTDs, as well as she did a blog about the improvements and shortfalls of HIV/AIDS in 2010. 2. Notre Dame’s club, ND fighting NTDs, wrote a blog for us about their activities during the first annual NTD awareness week. 3. Erin Hohlfelder from ONE, wrote about the correlation of infections between HIV/AIDs and Schistosomiasis. 4. Dorothy Bishop, a professor at Oxford wrote about the impact neurological impact of NTDs on children.

Weekly Blog Round-Up 11/8-11/12

November 12th, 2010

This Week on End the Neglect…

  1. Dr. Peter Hotez was named President of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
  2. Agencies from Suriname, Brazil, and Colombia were honored as Malaria Champions of the Americas.
  3. Our guest blogger, Alanna Shaikh wrote two blogs for us this week, the first one was about her response to an article published in the Guardian about animals and their role in the spreading diseases and the second was about women and NTDs.
  4. Notre Dames student run group, ND Fighting NTDs, wrote about their plans to spread NTD awareness this week on campus.
  5. Albert Sabin was honored in a Veterans Day themed entry yesterday.
  6. The Global Network for NTDs and Sabine Vaccine Institute staff attended different panels this week at the mHealth Summit. Anjana Padmanabhan (Global Network for NTDs Communications Associate) attended a panel that examined hurdles in global health initiatives in regards to medicine distribution and  how the use of modern technology can drastically help alleviate them, Eteena Tadjiogueu (Sabin Vaccine Institute Communications Associate) wrote about a panel that discussed using mobile technologies to monitor and control infectious diseases, and Linda Diep (Global Network for NTDs Communications Intern) wrote about a panel she attended about mobile technology and maternal health.
  7. Today we had a blog by the Sabin Vaccine Institute Staff about World Pneumonia Day activities, which includes video footage of the PneumoniaFighters on the streets of DC!

Weekly Blog Round-Up 11/1-11/5

November 5th, 2010

This week on End the Neglect

1. We started the week off with the new Progress Game on the United Nations website aim to help teach more about MDGs. 2. The Global Networks communication associate, Anjana Padmanabhan has been live blogging form the The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) 59th annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Her posts have included: features from the opening session, highlights of the winner of the public health communications award,and discussion of the Carters Centers mission to eliminate NTDs. 3. We have also highlighted blogs from the ASTMH blog. 4. Gechi Thou, the Global Networks Africa program officer wrote about schistosmiasis and the need to get the drug Praziquantel to women in Africa ASAP. 5. Jennifer Segal, the Global Networks communications intern wrote about highlights from the live taping of the World Health Organizations NTD report launch.

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