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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Global Network’s blog, End the Neglect. Please review the guidelines for submissions below, and email globalnetwork @ if you wish to submit a post or topic for consideration.

• Publication of posts is at the discretion of the Global Network, based on relevance of the subject matter as related to neglected tropical diseases and other global health issues. If you have questions about your subject matter, please include them in your inquiry.

• Keep length of posts between 300-700 words.

• Include links to sites or articles that supplement your topic.

• When quoting other blogs or publications in your post, please link to the original material if possible, and denote quoted material using quotation marks.

• Submit a brief biography (2-3 lines) and a photo for inclusion with your post.

• End the Neglect is built on a blogging platform. If you have a WordPress account, please let us know and we can add you as an author for our blog.

• We encourage you to include a photo with your blog post.  If the photo is not your own, nor in the public domain, please include a photo release. Please include a credit and caption for every photo.

• Please note all posts are reviewed for appropriateness before publication.

• We encourage you to email your post to colleagues and friends to encourage comment and discussion.


Thank you again for your interest in contributing!

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5 thoughts on “Submit a Guest Post

  1. Hi ,
    Fantastic site! I would like to see whether you’d be open for guest contributions. I am looking to write something related to your site and thought that the topics I had in mind may go well with your blog.

    I was thinking about the following subjects:

    1. Philippines and their ‘War on Worms’

    2. Shedding a light on Schistosomiasis

    What do you think about these? If you’re interested to receive a custom article which is also absolutely free, I am happy to get something written up and sent over to you – or if you have another topic you’d like to see covered, I am more than happy to write on that.

    Thanks and I look forward to your response.


  2. Hi Dana,
    We are always open to guest contributions on blog posts related to Neglected Tropical Diseases. If you have something you are interested in writing please send it over, and we would be happy to look at it and see if it can be posted on the EndtheNeglect blog.

    Global Network

  3. Hi, I am Anteneh from Ethiopia.I want to be a member for these network.So would you tell me the process.

    Many thanks

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