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Etsy Designer Fundraises for END7

An interview with Abby St. Claire an Etsy Designer and END7 Supporter

Abby St. Claire is a talented young designer from Libertyville, IL. She has been using the profits of her beautiful hair clips and necklaces (sold on Etsy.com) to support END7. Through her art she has been helping to end neglected tropical diseases around the world. Her dedication to END7 and our mission has been recognized by the Average Advocate and her customers around the world. Abby is an inspiration to other END7 supporters who can use their personal talents to help end 7 NTDs by 2020. Abby was recently able to tell us more about herself and give other supporters advice on how to find their own way to fundraise.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a 15 year old high school student who loves to dance and create. I also love fashion, photography, design, and vintage things.

Who inspires you? (or) What inspires you?
God does! I was at an Illinois Student Ministries camp this summer, and a woman was talking about her upcoming mission trip, which was feeding children in Haiti, and they were selling shirts in order to raise money for it.

What first got you into crafting?
I have always been creative, so I guess it’s just that. Thanks to Pinterest and the Internet, I’ve been able to find a bunch of lovely ideas.

What’s your favorite piece from your jewelry collection?
Everything! Not really, but if I had to pick probably one of my statement necklaces or one of the hair clips.

Do you have advice for other END7 supporters that want to start their own fundraising campaign?
Just keep working. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, just keep a persistent and positive attitude. Also, have a strong group of friends and family to encourage you while you work!

What made you want to donate to End7 instead of make a profit?
Like I said earlier, it was kind of like a calling. I saw a tweet about End7 and thought it was a brilliant idea and wanted to be a part of it.

How do you want to continue to combine art and humanitarian efforts in the future?
I hope to continue my Etsy shop for some time, but, I would also love to do some mission trips so I can interact with people and be able to help them that way.

Notre Dame Fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases!

By: Emily Conron

For a club that’s only officially been in existence for about two months, Notre Dame: Fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases( ND Fighting NTDs) has made a huge splash on Notre Dame’s campus! The first annual NTD Awareness Week wrapped up on Sunday, November 14, 2010, after seven days of successful events. At the kick-off event on Monday and Tuesday, volunteers from ND Fighting NTDs handed out SillyBandz shaped like bugs (reminiscent of the parasites that transmit NTDs) and brochures about the diseases to students on their way into DeBartolo Hall during the passing period before morning classes. The event revealed just how unaware the student body is about NTDs, but everyone seemed genuinely interested in our club and eager to learn about the diseases, asking questions and offering whatever spare change they had in their pockets to support the cause. The overwhelmingly positive response made our hoarse voices and cold fingers totally worth it! Continue reading