Spotlight: Fundación Mundo Sano

FundaciónMundo Sano, established in 1993, is an Argentine non-profit organization that has been engaged in research and strategic development to circumvent the spread of neglected diseases.  Fundación Mundo Sano develops scientific research and direct intervention programs—such as information, prevention, and entomologic control campaigns— within its five headquarters located in the most vulnerable locations of Argentina’s endemic regions.

A multidisciplinary group of professionals –biologists, physicians, anthropologists, and economists among others— have created, managed, and implemented more than  40 projects that work towards comprehending and eliminating tropical diseases like chagas, dengue, leishmaniasis, malaria, several types of intestinal parasite infections, and leptospirosis.

Fundación Mundo Sano collaborates with local workers in the most critical locations who have a strong cultural understanding of community need as well as professional scientists who have a greater understanding of the environment and strategic solutions.  This creates an authentic workplace that thrives in the marriage of community involvement and global commitment.

Together with The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Fundación Mundo Sano developed a new health program to detect and treat strongiloidiasis in Orán City, Salta Province, in Northeast Argentina. Given the high prevalence rates of strongiloidiasis in the region, the program suggests two drugs for community treatment —ivermectin and albendazole, which have already been tested in different parasite infections—that can be used once and simultaneously and that is easily accessible to Orán inhabitants.

A new, simpler method for the diagnosis of strongiloidiasis has also been suggested: a blood test. The antibodies generated by the body before the presence of the parasite will be detected and used as a model for treatment.

Fundación Mundo Sano manages their projects under a replicable, innovative management model. The model leverages the collaborative power of the public and private sectors. Funding, specifically for scientific promotion and strategic alliances, make Fundación Mundo Sano a powerful research and advocacy arm for treating neglected diseases at the regional level.

In addition to their work in the field, Fundación Mundo Sano also helps to organize scientific meetings for health-care professionals and produces diverse research and field work publications to foster the exchange of critical information on neglected diseases.

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