Global Philanthropy Forum: Scaling up Solutions

Dr. Mistry speaks at Global Philanthropy Forum

Last week, the Global Network’s Managing Director, Dr. Neeraj Mistry, participated in a panel at the Global Philanthropy Forum, called “Scaling Solutions in Global Health Diversity.”

Fellow panelists included Barbara Bush, Founder of the Global Health Corps, and Bill Campbell, Senior Advisor, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Chair of the END Fund’s International Advisory Board.

During the session, Dr. Mistry spoke about how many issues in global health, particularly the work to control and eliminate neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), must be brought to scale to be truly effective.   He said, “[Treating NTDs] is like building a road.  You either build a road or you don’t.  You can’t build it mile-by-mile.”

Dr. Mistry also noted that not all complex problems require complex solutions. “I’m on a quest to find simple solutions with complex implications,” he said.  Mass drug administration (MDA) is one such solution for controlling and eventually eliminating all seven NTDs. During an MDA, everyone in the community receives treatment once or twice a year until the transmission of the diseases is interrupted.

Campbell spoke about how investors should look for where they can get the most “bang for the buck,” when investing in global health.  He said, of his role in the END Fund, a private philanthropy dedicated to reducing the prevalence of NTDs in sub-Saharan Africa: “I wanted to be an activist in philanthropy. I didn’t just want to give my money, I wanted to follow it.”

Bush also shared some insight on how her work with Global Health Corps has helped to bring more young people into positions in global health programs.

Watch the full video by clicking the link below.

Video: Scaling Solutions in Global Health Diversity at Global Philanthropy Forum

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One thought on “Global Philanthropy Forum: Scaling up Solutions

  1. “I wanted to be an activist in philanthropy. I didn’t just want to give my money, I wanted to follow it.”

    – This is a noble goal. If I were an investor or philanthropist I’d want to make sure my money was being spent in the most efficient way possible. Too many rich men these days just dump their money and move on and don’t take time to oversee operations (and everything else).

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