“Harry Potter” Star Joins Global Effort to Eliminate Seven Diseases by 2020

British actor Tom Felton, most well known in his role as “Draco Malfoy” in the Harry Potter film series, is casting up a spell to eliminate seven NTDs by 2020. As an ambassador for the END7 campaign, Felton has joined the call to help raise public awareness about these devastating diseases, which affect of the lives of 1 in 6 people worldwide.

“I was inspired to support the END7 campaign when I learned how easy it was for young people to get involved,” said Felton. “By donating just a few pence, anyone can help get these treatments to people who need them most and hopefully change the future for the millions of children growing up in developing countries around the world.”  Felton is referring to the 50 cents/pence it takes to treat and protect one person against all seven major NTDs for an entire year. Pills to treat these diseases are donated by pharmaceutical companies, which are administered in schools and community centers – making NTD treatment one of most cost-effective public health initiatives available today.

Since the announcement of Felton’s new role as ambassador became public on April 12, his adoring followers have already generated a ton of exposure. Popular fan sites, such as Tom Felton EU and Felt Beats, have already expressed their full support in helping Tom spread the awareness about these diseases of poverty. Great job, Team Felton!

Check out some of Felton’s tweets below:

To learn more about NTDs or to join the END7 campaign, please visit END7 on Facebook.

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