A Little Goes a Long Way on #GivingTuesday

We’re excited to be a part of a big new push by corporations, nonprofits and individuals across the country to raise awareness of the importance of giving back during this time of year when there’s so much focus on purchasing gifts and getting discounts.

Today is #GivingTuesday, and we urge you, your friends, colleagues and family members to consider participating by spreading the word and finding your own way to give back to our global community.

For the Global Network and the END7 Campaign, we have a number of ways you can get involved, if ridding the world of NTDs is on your to-do list (just like us).

You may not have much of a sense of just how big of an impact we are able to make with investments from individuals like you. NTD treatment and prevention is one of the most cost effective ways to address poverty, and with just 50 cents, our partners can treat a person for one year against the seven most common NTDs.

You can participate in #GivingTuesday using the links below to raise money and spread the word about NTDs:

We fight NTDs not only because of their horrific impact, but also because we are convinced that they can be beaten by the end of this decade. Together as a global community, we are making progress every day, and we urge you to give today to help us see the end of NTDs.


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