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Experience the Joy of #GivingTuesday with END7!


my unselfieHow are you celebrating Giving Tuesday this year?

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation to counter the “conspicuous consumption” of the holiday season with “conspicuous compassion” on a day dedicated to giving back.

The movement’s remarkable growth and momentum is highlighted in a short #GivingTuesday 2013 video. To summarize, more than 300 million Facebook users and two billion Twitter users saw posts about #GivingTuesday last year, with up to 700 #GivingTuesday tweets being sent per minute. The hashtag was trending in the United States for ten straight hours. Overall, more than 10,000 nonprofits participated last year, raising over $30 million dollars for social causes. As Kathy Calvin, president and CEO of the United Nations Foundation, put it, “#GivingTuesday is not a moment, it’s a movement.”

This year, #GivingTuesday will be celebrated on December 2, and over 18,000 nonprofits in the U.S. alone are confirmed to be taking part. Over the next week, END7 student supporters around the world will be busy preparing for a one-day fundraising competition in the hopes of raising $10,000 for neglected tropical disease (NTD) treatment programs. You can check out all the schools participating on our #GivingTuesday page. Our student supporters will be sharing their online fundraising pages with friends and family to spread the word about the impact of NTDs and raise much needed funds to support the NTD control and elimination effort.

They have some creative plans for spreading the word on December 2. We have a Facebook album with images that END7 supporters can set as their profile or cover photo for #GivingTuesday with the link to their fundraising page in the caption. Supporters can “donate” a tweet or Facebook post to promote the fundraising page by signing up for our Thunderclap, which will send out a social media blast on December 2. We have more fun ideas in our #GivingTuesday Action Kit, including instructions for posting an #unselfie on social media to spread the word about why you support END7 (see my example from last year!).

We are very excited to see our student supporters around the world joining forces to help give the gift of health to communities around the world on #GivingTuesday. Join in by creating your own fundraising page, donating to support a school’s campaign, or making a general donation to END7 on December 2. Together, we can give and give back this holiday season.

Jacob Jordan: What does END7 mean to you?


As part of our GivingTuesday series, we asked our supporters to tell us why they became involved in END7, and what they’re doing to make a difference. To submit your story, email Alex at agordon@sabin.org

430145_389242434436838_1318146568_nI have always been interested in helping others and finding ways to give back to my community. But before this year, I had viewed global issues such as world poverty, lack of education and the spread of infectious disease as issues that were too big of a problem for someone as young and inexperienced as me to handle. However, joining the End7 at UT team has really changed my perspective as to what our potential as young adults really is.

Joining the End7 movement this year has helped me realize that you don’t have to have a PhD, or be the CEO of Microsoft in order to start making a difference. We all have the means right here and right now to make the world a better place and improve the quality of life for those living in it. I think the biggest concept that really hit home to me was the fact that treating a person for 7 NTDs for an entire year is as easy as donating just 50 cents! That’s probably less change than what most people have in their pockets right now!

So right now you’re probably thinking “Yeah, yeah, ok I got it. It only costs 50 cents to treat a person for a disease. That’s great.” But wait! If we can stop for a second and think about what that actually means, I think it might just blow your mind!

Let’s say that we were able to convince every student at the University of Texas to give just $1. That would raise approximately $50,000 or the price of saving 100,000 lives!! If you tried to meet every one of these people whose lives you affected at the rate of one person a day it would take you about 274 years to meet them all!!

The fact that such a small few can make such a large difference through this organization is what has inspired me to continuing fighting for this cause. As a student chapter of End7 at the University of Texas at Austin it is our goal to educate, raise money, and raise awareness in hopes that our efforts will bring happiness, health, and prosperity to those who need it most. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to join the fight against poverty and NTDs and I can’t wait to see the difference this organization will make in the upcoming years!

How You Can Make a Difference and Leave Your Mark this #GivingTuesday



Giving Tuesday END7 Homepage image 2blog

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes a new tradition – a day dedicated to giving back! So on December 3rd, we want you to join us in celebrating the impact of giving.  After all, the holidays can be about both giving and giving back, and we should all consider doing more than just shopping.

This #GivingTuesday, we’re showing just how easy it is to get involved in ending seven of the most common neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) – and how your support can make a direct, lasting difference in the lives of the 1.4 billion people infected with these painful and debilitating diseases.

Here are six concrete ways you can make a difference on #GivingTuesday, and the week leading up to it.

1. Support our Thunderclap

Donate your status on social media to ending NTDs! If we get 100 people to do so by Giving Tuesday, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all of you, creating a wave of attention for NTDs on the 3rd! Click here to participate.

2. Share your story

Between now and Giving Tuesday, we’ll be sharing stories from our supporters. How did you get involved in END7? Have you, your family, university or sports team fundraised on behalf of END7? Send your story to agordon@sabin.org.

3. Donate

100 percent of donations to END7 go directly towards NTD treatment programs. Donate now to make a direct difference in the lives of others and provide someone (or multiple people!) with a gift of health.

4. Give an E-Gift

Give a gift with meaning this holiday season by making a donation on behalf of a friend, co-worker or family member. Just donate as you normally would, but make sure you check the “is this donation a gift for someone” box. Once you do, the recipient will receive a message letting them know you donated on their behalf.

5. Use tinyGive

This GivingTuesday, we’ll be partnering with tinyGive, a micro-giving platform changing how people support causes online. We’re happy to be a part of tinyGive’s social matching campaign. Just sign up through tinyGive to tweet in a donation!

6. Spread the word

The END7 campaign has a wealth of content to share with your friends and family to encourage them to get involved in the movement to end NTDs. On GivingTuesday, share our new video from Kenya with someone you know.

Let’s make a difference this #GivingTuesday. Together, we can see the end.

A Little Goes a Long Way on #GivingTuesday

We’re excited to be a part of a big new push by corporations, nonprofits and individuals across the country to raise awareness of the importance of giving back during this time of year when there’s so much focus on purchasing gifts and getting discounts.

Today is #GivingTuesday, and we urge you, your friends, colleagues and family members to consider participating by spreading the word and finding your own way to give back to our global community.

For the Global Network and the END7 Campaign, we have a number of ways you can get involved, if ridding the world of NTDs is on your to-do list (just like us).

You may not have much of a sense of just how big of an impact we are able to make with investments from individuals like you. NTD treatment and prevention is one of the most cost effective ways to address poverty, and with just 50 cents, our partners can treat a person for one year against the seven most common NTDs.

You can participate in #GivingTuesday using the links below to raise money and spread the word about NTDs:

We fight NTDs not only because of their horrific impact, but also because we are convinced that they can be beaten by the end of this decade. Together as a global community, we are making progress every day, and we urge you to give today to help us see the end of NTDs.