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Project For Awesome with END7

December 19th, 2012

Project for Awesome. The Project for Awesome is an annual event that sprung out of various YouTube communities to support charities. Every year since 2007, thousands of people post videos to YouTube promoting charities on December 17th. They come together as a community to promote those videos and raise money.

Project for Awesome is an inspirational movement that shows END7 supporters that they can use their voice as well as their creativity in helping to end NTDs. END7 wants to thank two individuals that showed their support for END7. Isabella Bernal and Erica Crouch both made videos explaining their support for eliminating NTDs. We couldnt have said it better ourselves!

Reading List 2/22/2011

February 22nd, 2011

Happy Tuesday readers! Get your brain warmed up with todays reading list!

To start off, we are looking at the Red Nose Day Desert Trek. They are a team of Comic Relief celebrity trekkers who have embarked on a 100km trek to raise money and visibility for debilitating illnesses that effect sight.

photo credit: google images

  1. Aboriginal Health
  2. Professor Loukas and worms
  3. Red Nose Day!