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Introducing Sophia, END7 May Student of the Month



Each month, END7 honors one student who has made a significant contribution to our growing movement of young people dedicated to seeing the end of NTDs. For her incredible work during the month of May, we are proud to honor 11-year old END7 supporter Sophia.


Sophia with donations she collected to sell at a yard sale to benefit END7

Sophia, a sixth-grader in an International Baccalaureate school, first learned about NTDs in an article in Scientific American. Right away, she knew she wanted to get involved in the cause and decided to focus her International Baccalaureate Exhibition Project on NTDs. “I was concerned about the symptoms of these diseases and how many people have them,” she shares. “I was surprised at how little it takes to help them!  I knew then what I was going to do for my Exhibition. I looked up NTDs and the link for END7’s homepage came up.” Sophia decided she wanted her project to support END7. “I wanted to help provide medicine to people, so I came up with the idea to hold a yard sale for my Exhibition action. I raised $878.50. That’s enough to treat 1,757 people! Along with the donations to my personal fundraising page, that brings the total up to 2,086 people so far! Now, I am working on my presentation for Exhibition day. I hope my presentation makes more people aware of the 7 NTDs and makes them want to help eliminate them. Because together, we can see the end!”

We are so grateful for Sophia’s commitment to END7 and are excited to see our community of young supporters grow. If you or a young person you know want to get involved in END7’s work, contact student coordinator Emily at Emily.Conron@sabin.org to learn how you can get started!

Project For Awesome with END7


END7 is excited to be part of the viral video development Project for Awesome. The Project for Awesome is an annual event that sprung out of various YouTube communities to support charities. Every year since 2007, thousands of people post videos to YouTube promoting charities on December 17th. They come together as a community to promote those videos and raise money.


Project for Awesome is an inspirational movement that shows END7 supporters that they can use their voice as well as their creativity in helping to end NTDs. END7 wants to thank two individuals that showed their support for END7. Isabella Bernal and Erica Crouch both made videos explaining their support for eliminating NTDs. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Etsy Designer Fundraises for END7

An interview with Abby St. Claire an Etsy Designer and END7 Supporter

Abby St. Claire is a talented young designer from Libertyville, IL. She has been using the profits of her beautiful hair clips and necklaces (sold on Etsy.com) to support END7. Through her art she has been helping to end neglected tropical diseases around the world. Her dedication to END7 and our mission has been recognized by the Average Advocate and her customers around the world. Abby is an inspiration to other END7 supporters who can use their personal talents to help end 7 NTDs by 2020. Abby was recently able to tell us more about herself and give other supporters advice on how to find their own way to fundraise.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a 15 year old high school student who loves to dance and create. I also love fashion, photography, design, and vintage things.

Who inspires you? (or) What inspires you?
God does! I was at an Illinois Student Ministries camp this summer, and a woman was talking about her upcoming mission trip, which was feeding children in Haiti, and they were selling shirts in order to raise money for it.

What first got you into crafting?
I have always been creative, so I guess it’s just that. Thanks to Pinterest and the Internet, I’ve been able to find a bunch of lovely ideas.

What’s your favorite piece from your jewelry collection?
Everything! Not really, but if I had to pick probably one of my statement necklaces or one of the hair clips.

Do you have advice for other END7 supporters that want to start their own fundraising campaign?
Just keep working. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, just keep a persistent and positive attitude. Also, have a strong group of friends and family to encourage you while you work!

What made you want to donate to End7 instead of make a profit?
Like I said earlier, it was kind of like a calling. I saw a tweet about End7 and thought it was a brilliant idea and wanted to be a part of it.

How do you want to continue to combine art and humanitarian efforts in the future?
I hope to continue my Etsy shop for some time, but, I would also love to do some mission trips so I can interact with people and be able to help them that way.